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I Don’t Care If You’re Contagious.

imageRequest: Could you do one where you are Tony’s girlfriend and he comes home from tour but he with a bad flu and you have to take care of him. And he’s all childish about taking the medicine and you stay home all day watching movies and eating candy and stuff? Super fluff, please!

"Babeeeeeee!" You heard Tony call out from the room you two shared.

You were sleeping on the couch because Tony came back from tour with a really bad flu. You didn’t want to take any chances on catching it yourself, so you stayed away. You were just taking care of him until he gets better.

"Yes Babe?" You replied trying not to sound exhausted, even though that’s all you felt right now.

"Will you please cuddle with me today? I’m starting to feel better?" After Tony said that he broke down coughing.

"You are obviously not better. I’m sorry babe not today. But, that reminds me. It’s time to take your medicine!" You dashed to the kitchen and pulled out the cough syrup with a little plastic cup, and a pill bottle that had Tony’s perscribed medication in it.

"Urrrrrrrrrm I don’t want to!" Tony buried himself in the pillows and blakets surrounding him.

"You do know that the sooner you take your medicine, the sooner you can cuddle with me, and kiss me…" You started making a list with a spark of persuasion in your voice.

Then you heard feet running to the kitchen and you started giggling, knowing that you finally got Tony out of bed even though he acted like a little kid.

He looked disgusted as your poured the liquid into the small cup. You handed him the cup and he stared at it for a while.


"I know Y/N.."

You saw a flash of “Fuck It.” in his eyes before he downed it all. He made a face and shook his head, trying to get over the taste.

He took the pill and then told you that he was going to go take a shower.

While Tony was in the shower, you quickly went to the store. At the store, you picked up you and Tony’s favorite candy. You tried to hurry before Tony got out of the shower, so you could try to surprise him and make him feel better.

When you made it inside you put the candy on the coffee table in the tv room then you heard the water stop. You knew you still had about 10 minutes to prepare everything.

You went and grabbed all of Tony’s favorite movies and put one in the dvd player. You saw Tony come into the room and smile.

"What’s all of this?" He said looking at everything you bought.

"I just wanted to try and make you feel better..I don’t know.." You said while looking at the ground.

Tony then tried to hug you but you stopped him. “Let’s go sit down and watch the movie.” You said trying to avoid any physical contact with him.

He sat on one end of the couch and you sat on the other end. You saw him getting a little sad from not getting to cuddle with you like you wanted.

But then you had a idea.

You jumped up and ran to your room and grabbed the biggest blanket you could find. You ran back into the tv room and saw that Tony was looking at you like you were crazy.

"Since I can’t cuddle with the top part of you because I don’t want to get sick, We can cuddle with the bottom part." You said trying to make sense but Tony still sat there confused.

You laid down and put the blanket of yours and Tony’s legs. Then I think he understood because he picked up your feet and put his under yours.

The rest of the day you guys ate candy and only candy. You talked and laughed and other times just sat there distracted, watching the movie.

You and Tony fell asleep with your legs wrapped around each other. But, You woke up on the other end of the couch, cuddled up to Tony.

You quickly rolled off the couch, falling on the floor realising what you were doing. Tony sat up sniffling, “Hey I feel better!” He exclaimed cheerfully.

You then sneezed and started sniffling too.

"Aw shit."


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